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Standard-Stocked Alloys

Concast offers a complete line of custom-made alloys.

When customers request special alloys and special sizes, Concast responds with products designed to meet their exacting specifications. Almost any extruded shape profile can be produced using continuous-cast technology.

Concast maintains the largest inventory of standard stock, continuous-cast alloys in North America.

Concast’s speed quoting service, along with its state-of-the-art tracking and ordering systems, ensurers that Concast will deliver the fastest inventory turns in the industry. The company’s dedicated team facilitates orders, ensuring quick, efficient and professional service. Because Concast has the ability to machine molds and dies on site, orders are processed from beginning to end under the same roof – saving time and guaranteeing quality.

To ensure that Concast continually meets exacting standards, each order is traced through the entire manufacturing process.

From the moment raw material is received, through order entry, production, inspection and the final shipment of product, every step of the process is documented.  Additionally, each Concast product is barcoded to ensure traceability and a certificate of analysis provides the complete history of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that the product is produced to the customer’s exacting specifications.

Concast’s craftsmanship, combined with state-of-the-art casting technology, results in the highest quality products available in the market.

Through decades of experience, Concast has proven that superior products are created through vertical or horizontal casting methods. In order to continually meet the rigorous demands of an increasingly specialized customer base, each step in Concast’s quality control process is approached with a dedication to excellence. The Concast team takes pride in their work, producing the finest metal products in the industry, and they welcome the challenge of meeting a customer’s unique custom alloy requirements.