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Mission Statement

As a leader in manufacturing environmentally friendly copper alloys serving designers, engineers and OEMs, Concast Metal Products created GreenAlloys.com to serve as a resource for the metal industry. Bronze metals have always been recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. At Concast Metal Products, a manufacturer of bars, tubes and shapes in copper alloys, we promise to deliver a range of alloys of the future that are free of the elements that threaten health and the environment, yet still perform in the manner for which they were intended – we call them “GreenAlloys™.” GreenAlloys have extremely low-lead content, often as low as 0.05%. Concast manufactures a wide selection of alloys, in which we replace lead with other elements while still offering exceptional lubricity, tightness, wear, strength, hardness and machinablity.

Vision Statement

In response to the potential health hazards surrounding the use of lead in commercial and residential water handling applications, California has adopted legislation stating that all plumbing fixtures installed in the state by 2010 must be lead free. Additionally, other states are considering whether to follow in the same path as California. Always ahead of the curve, Concast’s current product line meets the 2010 regulatory requirements.

Concast’s first venture in marketing GreenAlloys began with the development of a group of lead-free copper alloys which included C89831 and C89835, replacing lead with bismuth in a special patented process. These alloys are now available and are providing the same recyclable qualities but without the health risks associated with lead. Concast has continued its green course by casting aluminum bronzes and other alloys with elements that pose no known health risks.

Concast proceeded to introduce new alloys such as Envirobrass II C89520, a selenium bismuth replacement for lead and its own proprietary low-lead alloys. The company is also promoting higher grade alloys that do not contain lead such as C90300. A more complete and list of our Green Alloys offerings, as well as chemical compositions, can be seen in our Product List/Chemical Composition sheet.


Concast is an industry leader as a single-source supplier, offering both Leaded Bronze and Aluminum Bronze products to its customers. Concast’s position as a market leader is built upon strength and stability. With a sharp focus on evolving technologies, quality control and a high level of customer service, Concast continues to excel in the manufacturing of quality-crafted casting for today’s demanding market.

Concast Metal Products traces its roots to 1891 when it began production of brass and bronze ingots in Pittsburgh, Pa. Since 1960, Concast has been producing continuous cast copper alloys. The company’s experienced and knowledgeable team is comprised of some of the most skilled craftsmen working today – each being a specialist dedicated to the task of producing superior products for a diverse customer base. They continually refine the process and are always pushing toward greater improvements.