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Legislation Top 10 Reasons to Use Green Alloys™
Standard-Stocked Alloys

GreenAlloys™ have extremely low lead content, often as low as .05%. Concast produces a wide selection of these alloys, which offer exceptional lubricity, tightness, wear, strength, hardness and machinability — without the health risks commonly associated with lead.

It may come as a surprise to some consumers, but lead is commonly used in household plumbing and water service lines. Lead in fixtures, especially those made of brass or chrome-plated brass can leach into drinking water.

Naturally, because of the pressure to keep pace with the safe health and environmental demands, the switch to lead-free alloys is gaining momentum around the world. For nearly a decade, the electronics, plumbing, and construction industries have been switching to safer alternatives, rather than using lead-based alloys. Most recently, California adopted legislation stating that all plumbing fixtures installed in the state by 2010 must be lead free. Additionally, other states are considering whether to follow in the same path as California.

Always ahead of the curve, Concast’s current product lines meet the 2010 legal requirements. A group of alloys, which include C89831 and C89844, are produced using a patented process in which lead is replaced with bismuth to create pressure-tight plumbing fittings and fixtures. It also has excellent machinability. Concast is one of the few continuous cast foundries in the nation that produces this series of lead-free copper alloys.