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California Metal-X is a world class brass & bronze ingot manufacturer, smelter and recycler with over 30 years of proven quality experience in the foundry industry. We are the West coast’s largest manufacturer of foundry ingot, mechanical ingot, lead free alloys and prepared scrap packages for foundry and mill use.

Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC is a producer and distributor of Green Dot Rod, an EcoBrass® Alloy.

Concast Metal Products is a producer of continuous cast products and wrought products. For nearly 50 years, Conast Metals has excelled in the manufacturing of quality-crafted casting for today's demanding market.

Ingot Metal Company Limited of Toronto, Canada is an ingot maker and a sub licensee producer of Eco Brass® ingots for North America.

Mitsubishi Shindoh., LTD contributes to creation of better future for the people worldwide through provision of leading-edge copper materials.