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C89520, or Envirobrass II, is a lead-free metal alloy created with the concern in mind that water delivery systems should not interfere with water quality. For many years, brass has been the choice for plumbing equipment such as meters and valves. But even high-quality brass contains 8% lead. Envirobrass II alloys offer the foundry industry modern, environmentally friendly alloys that are able to meet the stringent requirements of current water purity regulations. Federal regulations limit the amount of lead permitted in public drinking water. Envirobrass II removes the concern of lead leaching into drinking water from in-line plumbing components.  

Benefits of Envirobrass

  • High machinability
  • Good strength
  • Readily accepts a high-luster finish by polishing and buffing
  • Pleasant light yellow color
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent casting properties
  • Health and environmental benefits

Applications of Envirobrass II

  • Plumbing castings