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Recent Legislation Top 10 Reasons to Use Green Alloys™
Standard Stocked Alloys


Federalloy® is a patented alloy in which lead is replaced with bismuth to create pressure-tight plumbing fittings and fixtures. It has excellent machinability. Concast has been the only foundry in the nation licensed to produce the Federalloy® series of lead-free copper alloys. We joined forces with Federal Metal Company, who developed the Federalloy® group of alloys, such as C89831 and C89835.

Standard GreenAlloys™

These alloys are manufactured to ASTM specifications and are recognized by the Copper Development Association (CDA). These range from aluminum bronze to high tin bronze alloys and include C90300, C90500, C90700, C90800, C90810, C91000 and C91300.

Custom Alloys

Concast Metal Products Company can create custom alloys to suit your specifications. Our made-to-order custom manufacturing capability is often utilized by architects, engineers and specifiers to develop custom alloys for their specific products.

Spec Sheets of Our Green Alloys: